We exist to...

help large and innovative organisations around the world create brilliant supporter journeys to raise more money and reach more people. We lean on technology and our experience to help optimise both acquisition and retention. We specialise in supporter engagement, digital and TV fundraising, fresh creative campaigns, storytelling and complex consulting challenges!

We love...

  • Creative ideas
  • Beautiful design
  • Meaningful marketing
  • Drupal
  • Payment processing
  • Responsive interfaces
  • Analytics & optimisation
  • Our very own multi-currency, socially-integrated, responsive donation and peer to peer fundraising platform.

About Us

Founded in 2008 by Ben Alexander, Benedict Steele and Martin Gill, there are now 21 HomeMaders located on the silicon trendfest that is Old Street.

We started HomeMade after working together at Comic Relief for many Red Nose Days, Sport Reliefs and even a MakePovertyHistory, a LIVE8 and an Idol Gives Back. We wanted to share some of the learning and experience gathered at the Big Red Brilliance that is Comic Relief in order to help more organisations with their supporter engagement, TV appeals, fundraising, technology and strategic challenges.

We’re a tea-loving, coffee-fuelled, cake-munching team of skilled and experienced consultants, developers, interactive designers, information architects, analysts, marketers and project managers.

We provide unbiased and simple advice about products and marketplaces. Our global outlook makes us eager to share examples from different territories in order to build on past successes.

We would like to thank our clients for giving us the chance to work with them. We’re proud to be able to work toward our purpose while helping them to meet theirs.

Get in touch and let's discuss things over a hot cup of something!

What We Do


There are three ways we help organisations develop and grow: support their connection to the digital economy; optimise and innovate their acquisition and retention; and enable them to benefit from technology.


Having built something creatively wonderful or optimised to convert well under high traffic levels, we also offer our existing clients secure and scalable cloud hosting services and systems’ administration / platform support.

Design & Build

Our production team of designers, developers and project managers has refreshed existing campaigns, migrated enormous sites to new CMSs, raised millions and helped make change happen.


We all love technology (especially when it works). The impact it helps our clients achieve is staggering; the way it is constantly changing the world we live in is challenging.


We have ready rolled solutions for taking online donations, peer to peer fundraising, SMS giving and more.

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