Nikka Coffey Gin

Japanesy does it

Happy New Year one and all!

Who would have thought DJT would let us make it out of 2017 in one piece? Not only can we celebrate survival and a little festive (added) plumpness, we also get to read the barely sweary brilliance which is “Fire and Fury“. The most surprising part? That any of it comes as a surprise…

In an effort to rekindle some Christmas vibes and try to keep warm, we tucked into something zesty in the office today. Pizza. And gin. Taking a walk on the citrus side we explored the Nikka Coffey Gin made by pre-eminent producers of fantastic Japanese whisky – Nikka. Gin from a whisky distillery – how do they do that? Well, they have a couple of great big Coffey stills (can you see where they got the name?) which they use to produce whisky and vodka. And then the vodka gets all friendly with 11 botanicals to craft an excellent gin.

The second of three uniquely Japanesy gins to land in the UK last year, it is presented at a pokey 47% abv and bristles with notes of exciting local botanicals: yuzu, amanatsu (bless you) and sansho pepper. After sampling it in the nude (the gin, not us) we built on the citrus by serving it with a small slice of pink grapefruit and Fever Tree’s “Billy Basic” tonic.

It kicks 臀部.

The fruity top notes are joined by a smooth pepperiness which suggests it might be fun to garnish it on the one warm sunny day of 2018 with a grind of pink pepper and a little squeeze of lime. Definitely a gin that could make a feisty yet sippable (?) / sip-worthy (?) martini should the need arise.

Wake us up after the impeachment and in the meantime – kanpai!