Join us

We are often looking for great people to join us. Not just for tea, table football or gin, but for ACTUAL WORK!
A couple of words before we get to the good bit. NO RECRUITERS.
We don’t want to hear from recruiters and recruitment companies – we are super-lucky to work with two brilliant companies and that’s it. We’re all sorted there thanks. Now back to joining us to work here…

Talented Go-phers

Would you enjoy building high-performance tech triumphs using GoLang? We’d be happy to hear from London or Aussie Go-phers looking for their next project.

Scrum masters

Are you as Agile as a Yogi, but aware that most clients still want a Statement of Work? Do TDD and CICD fill you with excitement rather than fear? Say hi!

Digital marketers/digital fundraisers

Hen’s teeth = easier to find than curious, data-obsessed digitally-native marketing people and fantastic future-proof fundraisers. If you are one of these amazing humans let’s work together!

Front-end and app developers

If you enjoy creating responsive, data-driven and accessible experiences using React and React Native, or you make wonderful WordPress-ings, get in touch.

Account managers

Bring us a desire to help clients get the best from HomeMade, a love of contact and burn-down reports and a passion for creative problem-solving! We’re growing in London and across Australia, so we’re on the lookout for awesome AMs in both places.

Social and phone engagement managers

Can you coach and inspire people across social, email and on the phone? Are you a natural power-house of energetic chat and charisma? American politics really needs you – and if that doesn’t float your boat, we need you more! We’re seeking engagement and outreach excellence in both London and Sydney.