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Japanesy does it

Happy New Year one and all! Who would have thought DJT would let us make it out of 2017 in one piece? Not only can we celebrate survival and a little festive (added) plumpness, we also get to read the barely sweary brilliance which is “Fire and Fury“. The most surprising part? That any of […]

Showing our Hidden Curiosities

We were curious. And now we know! In a week where London has mostly been shrouded in mist and murk we decided to reveal our inner Hidden Curiosities. And what a strange word curiosities is. Just look at it. All sorts of i and s action in there. Anyway. We discovered this little gem in […]

Bangkok, the home of Thai gin

It’s a couple of months since we started Dry July and gave up the sauce. But in honour of Lord Brace taking leave of London and heading to the Far East, we bid him fare-thee-well with some gin. Thai gin. That’s right. Gin. From. Bangkok… We were fortunate to be speaking at, and sponsoring, the […]