Products and propositions

Need some clever tech ‘right now’ or want a new exciting fundraising event next week? We may have one in your size in stock…

Perky products

Having solved various digital dilemmas and fundraising frenzies over the years, we have created a handful of products which help us work faster and more reliably for you. By building around these products with custom elements for key clients, we are also able to upgrade and develop the core with new functions and enhancements. We don’t market these products, we only offer access to them to our clients. It means we can improve the services and experiences they can create for their supporters. So what is available in the sassy store-cupboard?

DON of donations – a high-volume, compliant, multi-currency, multi-language customisable donation platform that can cope with large TV audiences, up to 2000 transactions per second and flash-crowd fame without throwing its toys out of the pram.

Peer-less P2P platform – built around the same robust payment core as above, we have a customised, white-label, shy and retiring unbranded Peer to Peer fundraising and event registration platform. It does not get between you and your supporters, but it is integrated with magnificent marketing automation to help supporter experience management (phone, SMS, email and print). It can also do wonderful things like data de-duping against house files. Its beautiful web-service architecture permits integration with print-on-demand systems and even lovely legacy databases / in-house CRM products if needs be.

Multi-price mobile giving – from event fundraisers being sponsored through their custom keywords (which helps corporate teams get extra competitive) to responsive GiftAid claim forms linked to PSMS donations and optimised for conversion. We have ‘contactless’ donation tech, event-fundraising extensions based on iOS devices and more mobile magic to enhance your events. Sounds like Christmas has come early right?

Dreamy downloads and digital rewards – sometimes a generic PDF poster just won’t cut the mustard. In fact it never will. We offer a custom, data-driven integrated reward and marketing download extension which helps fundraisers create their own assets for use offline and across social media. It can also create / render customised and personalised digital rewards to participants involved in virtual and real challenges. More desirable. More personal. More effective. More shareable. More engaging. They all help to raise more money!

e-mergency response

Some things happen with little or no notice. An earthquake. A typhoon. A legacy technical provider being brought-up and closed down. A volunteer member of the IT team sadly passing away and no-one being able to access any of the supporter or finance data.

In the case of natural emergencies, we may be able to help with scalable donation services (as above) optimised digital marketing and social media management. We can also create beautiful and engaging content for social marketing, storytelling and eDM / DM campaigns. We can even help you structure a TV appeal (see below) or your corporate and community fundraising engagement.

In other instances, or perhaps when you have to cope with a DDoS attack or other such complicated thing, we have a great set of brains which may be able to help. We are also lucky to be connected to other huge brains around the world. Together we have helped our clients get out of seemingly impossible situations (none of them may or may not have involved being stranded due to volcanic ash or needing a good looking box of DVDs full of ‘names’ to present to the leaders of the free world ‘tomorrow’) so if we can’t help, we may know someone who can.

Fabulous fundraising

Some fundraising innovation appears framed as “we want one of those {that thing that someone just had some success with last year}” or “we need a viralised fundraise-athon event thing like that ALS ice bucket challenge thingy, tomorrow”. We are not in the business of viralisation-ification much as that might be the desirable thing of the moment. We do however know about the ingredients which are needed to help new events to be successful and grow year on year.

There are moments when a gap in income, the loss of an event partner or changes to 3rd party events can lead to a fundraising problem which needs a quick fix. In this situation we can offer a small but perfectly formed range of effective and creative mass-participation events. Some of them are fully virtual challenges, some offer an overlap between the virtual and real-world. We can help with income modelling for these campaigns, recruitment, delivery and optimisation.

While the core mechanisms are ‘off the shelf’ the creative and final event experience will be tailored to your supporters, location and needs.

We also have a heap of experience of TV-driven fundraising. And while making TV programmes is not our area of guru-ing (we do know people who are awesome at this however) we are great at getting audiences to convert, delivering tech to welcome and manage their response and planning the overlap between TV and second-screen experiences.

If you are planning, or need, an ‘-athon’, we can help. As long as it is not a ‘complicated-client-that-never-pays’-athon in which case please find an alternative supplier.